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po angielsku:

1. visit

While in London, we did some sightseeing.
Will you visit our village again?
[ˈvɪzɪt] w*yzyt

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2. go sightseeing

Holidays are a good chance to go sightseeing.
I go sightseeing with my parents.
I like to go sightseeing on holiday.
We left our luggage in the hotel and went sightseeing the city.

Angielski cz.I
Kurs w pracy
Kurs w pracy
podróżowanie i turystyka
podróżowanie i turystyka

3. se the sights

Angielski: 7. Podróżowanie i turystyka
Unit 7. Bank słów "podróżowanie i turystyka"
podrozowanie i turystyka
podróżowanie i turystyka
Going places

4. sightsee

I want to sightsee London
Last year we sightsaw a lot of interesting cites.
Tomorrow we will visit the old town.
While in London, we did some sightseeing.

1 miesiąc angielski II
4 opportunity
G. Kardaś SPEAKUP PI1 U4

5. explore

We'll have to examine the matter carefully.
We'll have to explore this issue further.
today we'll be exploring the connection between laughter and health, and looking at some health-related vocabulary.

Podróżowanie unit 8
Macmillan/Podróżowanie i Turystyka
Podróżowanie i turystyka/Macmillan

6. sightseeing

We went sightseeing with my grandmother
We went sightseeing yesterday.
When we went to Canada we did a lot of sightseeing.
Would you be interested in taking part in a sightseeing tour of New York City with Woody Allen as the guide?
to go sightseeing

vocubulary B1 - May 2013
podroze turystyka
część 1 angielski do polski
Angielski II gimnazjum kartkówka unit 5

7. go round

There is not enough sandwiches to go round.
There weren't enough life-jackets to go round.
There won't be enough food to go round
There's a rumour going round that Ann and Dave are having an affair.
There's enough food to go round.

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