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1. Bored

English File Intermediate
english file intermediate 1
Longman-Human Elementary
słówka longman człowiek
Unit 1 Człowiek

2. bored with

Who is bored with this book?
You always have to be bored with everything.
You always have to be slightly bored with everything.
bored with tradicional ways of learning

Phrasal verbs
moje słowa LA
życie rodzinne i towarzyskie
preposition A-C

3. fed up

What’s the matter? You look really fed up. I’m fed up with waiting for the phone to ring. When I get fed up of studying, I play my guitar.
You look fed up. What's the metter?
annoyed or bored because you have done something for too long
says that he got fed up with what he calls "degrading kindness"
to be fed up with sth

Słówka: 20-26.11
Rhyming Expressions, social types and other
Człowiek (pon. 2 lekcja)

4. bored of

I'm bored of book

5. bored by

6. fed up with

I'm really fed up with her.
I'm sick of your excuses!
I’m fed up with the traffic in this city! I think I’ll move to the countryside!
I’m fed up with tidying away your clothes all the time.
My wife got fed up with me spending all my time online.

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