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język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. Employ

We need to employ new people.
We're going to recruit more people this year.
przykład ze słówkiem
the firm employs 150 people.

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2. hire

employ someone or pay them to do a particular job
hire a car
hired assasin

słówka 27.11-03.12
[4] VB: Work
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Unit 4, Praca
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3. take on

o start to employ someone, We're taking on 50 new staff this year.
she has taken on a new lease of life after operation
take onnew challenges
you are good, we will take you on.
zmagać się z czymś

Frazale (Phrasal Verbs)
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4. take sb on

They are going to take new staff on.

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5. recruit

Greenpeace and WWF are always trying to recruit new members.
My bosses want recruit new workers.
To recruit new employees, you will have to place an ad in the newspaper.

2 MBE Company Management
Week 9 Level 1
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6. to engage

New hobbies never engage Simon for long, he soon finds new ones.
We'd like to tell our story better, and engage young people, and thereby change their perspective.
[verb] - FORMAL- to interest somebody in something and keep them thinking about it
to engage yourself in the project