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1. disquieted

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2. concerned

They say that free trade will benefit all concerned.
[adjective] - worried
the villagers are concerned about burglaries

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3. anxious

Some parents even get anxious because their children don’t.

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4. uneasy

Guy felt uneasy about his first job interview.
I'm uneasy because of your bevaviour
We lost radio contact with the aircraft and felt very uneasyy about the safety of those on board.
[adjective] - anxious or uncomfortable about a particular situation
they become extremely uneasy if they can't be touch with their peers

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5. alarmed

I was a bit alarmed at/by how much weight she'd lost.
I was a bit alarmed to hear that they were in such trouble

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6. upset

unhappy or worried because something bad has happened
wyprowadzić z równowagi

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7. bothered

He doesn't seem too bothered about the things that are written about him in the papers.
I've never really been bothered by heights.
Most fashions are so short-lived that I can’t be bothered to follow them.
She is concerned about her exam results.

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8. worried

What are you worried about
You look worried. What's the matter?
e.g. Simon is really worried about his exam results.

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9. disturbed

A disturbed mental state will often result in an unhappy and ineffective athlete which alone usually indicates overtraining.
I don't like beign disturbed int the morning
[adjective] - not thinking or behaving normally because of mental or emotional problems

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10. apprehensive

This situation nevertheless makes me very apprehensive.
We’re all apprehensive about tomorrow’s meeting.
With recent job cuts, Kate is apprehensive about losing her job
many of the pupils were very apprehensive about their first visit to the new school

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11. afraid

[əˈfreɪd] efr*ejd

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