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1. pleased

I'm very pleased with my start in the 100
I'm very pleased with my start in the 100.

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2. glad

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3. content

The content of fat in this milk equals 1,5 percentage / fat contant / alkohol contant
the content of the report

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4. satisfied

Some ​people are never satisfied! a satisfied ​smile Are you satisfied with the new ​arrangement?
The result is that multiple claims Groningen also have a gloomier perspective while an overwhelming majority is satisfied with the village where they live.
pleased because something has happened in the way that you want
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5. Contented

He won't be contented until he gets what he wants.
The security guard at the airport asked me what the content of my luggage was.
You're quite easily contented, aren't you?

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6. gratified

She was gratified to find that her advice was of some use.
We were extremely gratified at the number of people who supported us.

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7. complacent

I'm glad that you're planning to come to us.
Try not to become complacent about your achievements. Always aim higher.
We can't afford to become complacent about any of our products
a dangerously complacent attitude to the increase in unemployment
to become complacent

8. Getting arround
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8. pleased about

Are you pleased about the new tax system?

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9. delighted

We were delighted at the news.
We would be delighted to attend your wedding / The old woman was delighted when her grandchildren came by for a surprise visit
[adjective] - very pleased
a delighted smile
e.g. I was delighted when I found out I had passed my exams.

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10. content with

Andy was a good husband, and Nicky was clearly very content. We'll be content with a respectable result in tomorrow's match.
However, we should not be content with this.
Nie powinniśmy jednak na tym poprzestawać.
We'll be content with a respectable result in tomorrow's match.

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11. pleased with

I'm really pleased with my new motorbike.
She was really pleased with her look

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