słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. behaviour

Your behaviour is unacceptable.

direct english 3
3000 słów angielskich (cz.2)
Pierwsze słowka
Children, youth, the family
kolokwium 1.

2. conduct

conduct an orchestra
conduct arme
significant obstacles to the conduct of psychoanalysis
to conduct an inquiry
to conduct negotiations

pskit - medycyna i prawo
Słówka: 20-26.11
Egzamin z Angielskiego
Medical service
11.2017 ang-pol

3. manner

Michał Unit 3

4. retention

The company needs to improve its training and retention of staff.
There is a recruitment and retention crisis in the teaching profession.
Without this heat-retention effect, the average surface temperature would be -18 degrees and life would not exist.
Your weight gain may be caused by water retention.
formal the act of keeping something

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