słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. exhausted

Exhausted men sat down to rest by the way, and failed to get up.

fiszki 1 facetoface
Kurs Angielskiego 1-573
unit 5 - człowiek
Longman B2 Bank słów: człowiek, dom
Człowiek-Longman-Repetytorium maturalne poziom roz...

2. enervated

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3. exhaustedly

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4. shattered

I’m absolutely shattered. I just want to sit down and put my feet up.
My mind was so shattered.
They all looked shattered by the end of the game.
broken into many pieces.
roztrzaskać sie

[11] VB: Health
cialo, samopoczucie etc
Physical and mental state / Samopoczucie

5. worn out

She comes home every evening, worn out after a busy day at the office.
These shoes are worn out.
You look worn out.
You look worn out. Get some rest.

Gajdowska - człowiek
Człowiek (rozszerzone słownictwo)
houses, flats, rooms, towns and buildings

6. drained

I've had every ounce of my blood drained,
When the party was over and all the guests left, she suddenly felt drained.

2. Escape Artists (30-33)
Upstream Advanced Escape Artists-vocabulary

7. out of print

I'm afraid the book will not be avaliable anymore. It's out of print.
I'm sorry but the book you've ordered is out of print
I'm sorry but the book you've ordered is out of print.
The book is out of print.
The book you ask for Sir is already out of print.

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