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po angielsku:

1. drawback

[noun] - a disadvantage
droobak/////////////////What would be the drawbacks of this?
przykład ze słówkiem
the drawback of long stopping distances
wada usterka

Matura rozszerzona 2006 - część 1
Kolokwium1 ang?
Fast Track, 1-4
potrzebne słówka
New Matura Succes Unit 2

2. disadvantage

This plan had many advantages and disadvantages.
We need to find this defect.
at last
the pension scheme tends to disadvantage women
to be at a disadvantage

Various handouts (till 26.01.2014)
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lekcja 21,22,23,24
unit 1 at work at play
oxford unit 6

3. defect

A flaw in a component or system that can cause the component or system to fail to perform its required function, e.g. an incorrect statement or data definition. A defect, if encountered during execution, may cause a failure of or system.
Deal with this defect as soon as possible.
There are a few minor design defects.
We need to eliminate all defects within 2 weeks.
We need to find this defect.

IELTS - slowka
Angloville 5
slowka z czytanek
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4. flaw

Longman B2 Bank słów: człowiek, dom
Longman-Human Advance
Longman rozszerzony człowiek
Unit 1 - Człowiek
Unit 1 - repetyt matura longman

5. downside

The surprising downsides of being drop dead gorgeous
[noun] - the disadvantage of a situation
disadvantage of a situation
downside disadvantage; bad point
what is the downside of living in village?

Angielski egzamin
Kolokwium 5 kwietnia
UNIT 8 Educational system
Unit 5 Body talk
Słówka z angielskiego

6. fault

it wasn't not my foult
it's my fault
whose fault is it?

unity 22,24,25
Angielski - opisywanie ludzi
angielski matura rozszerzona
Personality II

7. vice

Smoking is my only vice.
Such men are prone to vice.
What's the opposite of "virtue"?
[noun] - moral fault or weakness
something bad that someone often does / a ​moral ​fault or ​weakness in someone's ​character:

siodma serka

8. failing

I have many failings, but being a liar is not one of them.

5.02.2018- słówka
Moja pierwsza lekcja

9. fly in the ointment

m ​looking ​forward to ​Sunday, the only fly in the ​ointment being the ​fact that I'll have to ​sit next to my ​mother-in-law.

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