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szukać po angielsku:

1. look for look for

I look for the new book.
Can you help me look for my key? I've lost it!
Jane went shopping to look for a pair of shoes
I'd better look for a job before my wife decides to divorce me
I’ll help you look for your keys.
I look for the facts on the internet.
I look form my glasses.
I look for a new car but I don't want an expensive car.
These directions say to look for the old town hall and that the bus stop we need is over the road from there.

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2. seek seek

seek opportunities
There are those, who, in distress, seek the help of other people's prayers, but have no mind to pray for themselves.
Make no mistake: we do not want to keep our troops in Afghanistan. We seek no military bases there.
There must be a sustained effort to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to respect one another; and to seek common ground.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Risk money refers to funds placed in investments that seek high-return, although high-risk, investments.
Curiosity is nothing more than vanity. More often than not we only seek knowledge to show it off.
It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.
Seek, and you will find.
They vote in secret, may seek public office, and may demand the removal of public officials who behave improperly.
Religions, which condemn the pleasures of sense, drive men to seek the pleasures of power. Throughout history power has been the vice of the ascetic.

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3. search search

Search me.
Heck, with oboe players there are those who, rather than search for a reed that suits them, find it faster to make their own.
After waiting all day, the workers were still looking for a break in the weather so they could resume the search.
It would only take 100 or 500 yen coins, so I search for change but don't find any.
I want you to search high and low for a writer who's just right for this project. Leave no stone unturned.
Her name appeared in 42 separate hits in a Google search.
The new Tatoeba website will use a home-made "hyper" database, a "made-from-scratch" search engine, and will run on a tatoebux-OS server with a tatoetel CPU made entirely out of tatoebium.
There are things that only intelligence is capable of searching for, but which it itself will never find. These things can only be found by instinct, but it will never search for them.
And this is how Pandark got lost in his room, never to be seen again. Some say that he died of hunger, others that he still wanders in search of his CDs.
The precision ratio is an index that indicates how many articles meet the search criteria out of all of the articles retrieved.
Physical strength is an important attribute as far as search and rescue dogs are concerned.
One of the major Internet search engines states that ‘Fast is better than slow’.
You may have to wait several weeks until a sentence you added is indexed by the search engine.
“Yandex” search engine started supporting Tatar language too.
However, compared to that in cities, rural use of online news, search engines, online shopping, online banking, online stocks and so on is much lower.

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4. search for search for

I often search for original clothes at Allegroo.
The police train dogs to search for explosives.

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5. seek out seek out

seek out a solution
Corbett resolved to seek out the truth.

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6. seek sought sought seek sought sought

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7. looking for looking for

I am looking for wood

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8. seek for seek for

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9. looking looking

You're looking good!
Delicious looking food doesn't necessarily taste good.
I saw a red car and a white one. The red one was nicer looking than the white one.
The transfer student in the other class is a super good looking guy.
I am looking for an effective method to get rid of all the weeds in my yard.
Just go about your business and don't keep looking at me.
The Japanese are often criticized for being inward looking and insufficiently international in their outlook.
She is looking for a job where she can make use of her foreign language ability.
My desire to become a doctor grew out of looking after my sickly brother.
After spending three weeks looking for a job, he found a well-paid one.
It's an advantage to be good looking.
The boy ran away without looking back.
I love looking at everyone's colorful kimonos on Coming of Age Day.
The old man spent most of his time looking back on his youth.
The ladies are looking after the children whose parents are employed in factories during the daytime.