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po angielsku:

1. seater

słówka egzaminacyjne "1 Człowiek"
lekcja 13,14,15
Unit 1 Człowiek

2. jumper

Can I put on the blue jumper? Of course you can, go ahead.
My sons should expect wool jumpers with a raindeer under the christmas tree.
Of course you can, go ahead.
The woolen jumpers are on sale now.
We've been told to dress casually, so you can have your sweatshirt on.

SpeakOut semestr I
Macmillan repetytorium 2015 - 01 Człowiek
Unit 1 Człowiek
potrzebne słówka
1 vocabulary bank-People

3. pullover

We will also have to take our rucksacks, hiking boots, warm pullovers and waterproofs to protect ourselves from rain and wind.

Ubrania, dodatki, makijaż, wygląd
Lekcja 35 – Ubrania, sklep odzieżowy

4. jersey

The woolen jumpers are on sale now.

Hiszpański 9
Angielski - Wygląd

5. sweater's

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6. cardigan

I need my cardigan - it's too cold!
I need my cardigan – it’s too cold!
I need my cardigan. It's too cold!
Pronunciation: /ˈkɑːdɪɡ(ə)n/
Take a cardigan with you, it might get cold.

kartkowka #5
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