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1. shop assistant

The shop assistant was busy putting away some clothes.
The shop assistant was extremely helpful and kind.
The shop assistant was very helpful.
There's a little shop in the neighbourhood where you can buy almost everything.
This is a shop assistant

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2. Vendor

I've bought some vegetables from a street vendor. The company is among leading software vendors.
The shop assistant was extremely helpful and kind.
[noun] - a person who sells sth
street vendors

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3. salesman

My brother is a used car salesman.
Ralph became a salesman in a pharmaceutical company.
The shop assistant was extremely helpful and kind.
a person who offers goods/items going to people or companies

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4. sale assistant

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5. seller

I work as a musical records seller.
The amount of cybercriminal activity associated with the Zeus family of financial Trojan programs has increased during the past few months, according to security researchers from antivirus vendor Trend Micro.
The shop assistant was extremely helpful and kind.

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6. salesperson

In which kind of jobs do you have to be self-confident?
The shop assistant was extremely helpful and kind.

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7. assistant

If you have too much work, hire an assistant.
My assistant will deal with it.
My assistant will get us some coffee
What's the job of a shop assistant?

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8. shopkeeper

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9. retailer

Their mission is simple and that is to become the UK’s favourite furniture retailer.
a company or person that sells goods to the public in a shop
a leading food retailer
retail workers
retailer is a person who sells goods to the consumer

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the business editor

10. salesclerk

11. Clerk

[noun] - a person who works in an office keeping records or accounts and performing general office duties
el/la dependiente
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to catch the person's attention, as you say, the clerk, or at the supermarket.
town clerk

28 Saw, nail, hammer

12. salesman's

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