słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. fall

upadać, spadać

top 1000 z wymową
3000 słów angielskich (cz.1)
świat przyrody, nauka, technika
Elementary 2 Unit 2

2. go down

The Titanic went down on her virgin voyage.
The company's quotations have gone down rapidly.
The number of people getting married is going down
The number of people getting married is going down.
The number of visitors to the island has gone down since the two big hotels closed.

Frazale (Phrasal Verbs)
angielski 28,29,30
Słówka szkolne
ang prawo i spol
New Matura Succes Unit 1

3. Drop

i'm dropping...

Kartkówka z angielskiego nr 1
UNIT 5 /phresal verbs
14. Państwo i społeczeństwo
styl życia, konflikty i problemy
Zachowania, wygląd zewn.

4. fall fell fallen

Jim fell and hit his head.
She fell and broke her leg.

SEW od początku
czasowniki nieregularne
an ordinary day 2
czasowniki nieregularne
czasowniki nieregularne

5. Decline

Selling more 5.1, 5.2
civilisations& science eng/pl
Business in Action 16

6. decrease

slight decrease in respiratory function,
spadek, zmniejszać
the population of the area has decreased radically
to decrease / At the end of the month there was a decrease of motivation.
to decrease At the end of the month there was a decrease of motivation.

Ania-Telefony Komórkowe

7. fall down

I fell down and broke my leg.
I would fall down in the middle of the street.
Mary fell down while she was skiing and broke her leg.
She fell and broke her leg.
She's going to fall down.

A90 30.10.2015
Czsowniki frazowe

8. get lost

We get lost every time you drive!
We got lost on the way home.
Why did you get lost?
You mustn't get lost.
if you tell someone to get lost, you are telling them forcefully to go away

9. tumble

He slipped and tumbled down the stairs.
I was tidying up my wardrobe, trying to organise things... and suddenly hundreds of shoes tumbled on my head!
The water tumbled over the rocks.
The whole building tumbled and there were many people killed.
zwalać się, toczyć

The restless Earth (niespokojna ziemia)

10. level off

In the second half of 2001, however, that growth began to level off
Unemployment rose to ten percent and then levelled off.

describing trends