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po angielsku:

1. Consider

Do you consider important to study English?
Do you consider me to be a good teacher?
I'd like some time to consider.

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2. ponder

I ponder buying a new car.
She sat bat for a minute to ponder her next move in the gamę.
She sat for a minute to ponder her next move in the game.
She ​sat back for a ​minute to ponder her next ​move in the ​game
We'll have to consider all pros and cons.

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3. contemplate

And she is even contemplating a run for public office.
Have you ever contemplated emigrating to another country?
I'm contemplating going ​abroad for a ​year
They were contemplating a ​move to California.
They were contemplating starting their own business

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4. weigh up

It is down to weighing up the risk and whether the benefits outweigh the risks.
She weighs the advantages and disadvantages of getting married.

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5. considerer

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6. think of

Let's just stop and think about the economic benefits of something like that.
That’s a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?
What did you think of the film?
What do you think of his girlfriend?
What do you think of my new flatmate?

7. reflect

On the way home he reflected that the interview had gone well.
The author claims that teenagers’ antisocial behavior reflects their parents’ anxiety.
We are just reflecting that
Your signature reflects how you are as a person.
Your signature reflects how you evolve as a person.

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