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po angielsku:

1. disappointed

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english file intermediate 1
Longman-Human Elementary
Zadane przez Monikę
Unit 1 Człowiek

2. disillusioned

Disillusioned teachers are leaving the profession in large numbers.
He has become disillusioned and lost his way in life.
I feel utterly disillusioned by his refusal to take any action.
I hate to/I'm sorry to disillusion you, but pregnancy is not always wonderful - I was sick every day for six months.
[adjective] - disappointed because sb/sth is not as good or respected as one first thought

5 Live to eat?
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tak chuj kurwa
Michelle Obama speech 2016
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3. disappointed with

I didn't like the film at all and felt really disappointed.
I was disappointed with the food in the cafe
So you're not disappointed with me?
Were you disappointed with your examination results?

4 opportunity
Phrasal verbs
przyjmik po przymiotnikach
On screen 4b cz 2

4. disenchanted

Many voters have become disenchanted with the president.
[adjective] - no longer believing in the value of something or disappointed with someone
disappointed with something that you thought was good in the past
to become disenchanted with sth

5. disgruntled

A disgruntled client left the shop.
I was disgruntled, thats why I quit my job in FFW.
Rather angry, disappointed and annoyed
[adjective] - unhappy, annoyed and disappointed about something

6. gutted

Disappointed? I was gutted!
Neil's absolutely gutted that he's been dropped from the team.
When he missed that penalty I was absolutely gutted.
When they missed that last penalty I was absolutely gutted.
[adjective] - very unhappy and disappointed