słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. try

1000 najczęściej używanych słówek
1000 słów po angielsku z wymową
Callan stage 9
lekcja 27, do 48 włacznie
1000 najważniejszych słów2

2. attempt

she attempted a comeback in 2001
successful, failed, conscious attempt at sth, attempt against liberty, life, health
the thief attempted to escape through a window.
to attempt to boost tourists numbers

Angielski 4rok 1 sem
pierwsza lekcja
Longman Common 3000 part 1
państwo i prawo 2
Must know:) to do your best during Matura Exam

3. tasty

These cheese pies are really tasty.
This dish is tasty.
We will be able to keep food fresh and tasty out of the fridge for much longer.
has a good taste/flavour

dom, edukacja, geografia, hobby, jedzenie, kierunk...
dom, jedzenie
podstawowe czasowinki
kartkówka styczeń 2014 część 2
♥ Wild World ♥

4. attempt to

Industrial Relations str. 22
(not) to +bezokolicznik

5. have a go

On Screen Word List 7
słówka lekcja2
Expression with go

6. try to

I tried to speak but no sound came out.
I'm trying to find a job, but it's very hard.

Verb patterns
Messages unit 3
People - module 1

7. rehearse

When I'm not rehearsing I read sripts and learn lines.
You have to spend lots of time rehearsing for that part; Hamlet is one of the most difficult characters to play.
dress rehearsal
mieć próbę

Upstream U 1-3
Bridge of Spies

8. sample

You can sample a delicious cousine.
[noun] - a small part of something that shows you what the rest is like
group of people or things that is chosen out of a larger number and is questioned or tested in order to obtain information about the larger group
if you have an abscess your doctor may decide to lance or cut it - this will allow them to gather a sample of the pus inside

on screen b2+ unit 5

9. give it a go

słownictwo angielski z książki "matura masters -in...
MACMILLAN, Matura Masters, Intermediate, Unit 6
Turtle B - Kuchnia 8

10. keep trying

War yesterday ad today