słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. attempt

she attempted a comeback in 2001
successful, failed, conscious attempt at sth, attempt against liberty, life, health
the thief attempted to escape through a window.
to attempt to boost tourists numbers

IELTS - slowka
Dom, życie, rodzina
ramtamtam ang
Dodatkowe słownictwo

2. rehearsal

They're preparing for the dress rehearsal
They're preparing for the dress rehearsal.
attend the rehearsal
the time when you practice a play, dance, piece of music, etc. before you perform it to other people
we've been rehearsing for this concert since may

Angielski cz.I
unit 6-10KURWA
Angielski. Art and culture
Słownictwo Angielski ==> Polski
January 2018

3. trial

clinical trial
the legal process in court whereby an accused person is investigated, or tried, and then found guilty or not guilty
the process of examining a case in a court of law and deciding whether someone is guilty or innocent. When a case comes to trial, it is brought to a court and the person who has been accused of a crime stands trial (=appears in court)
trial and error

Kurs Angielskiego 1-573
New English File - część 1.
24,01,2015 npe
eastern treasure five
słówka 4-10.12

4. sample

You can sample a delicious cousine.
[noun] - a small part of something that shows you what the rest is like
group of people or things that is chosen out of a larger number and is questioned or tested in order to obtain information about the larger group
if you have an abscess your doctor may decide to lance or cut it - this will allow them to gather a sample of the pus inside

Teraz matura
1300 słówek - braki
Module & Traveling
Callan stage 10 lesson 150

5. attempt to

ang-pol 01.2018
Destination 14
CORKY Why are moths attracted to lights?

6. bid

compete against other firms by offering to do a job or contract for a certain amount of money
licytować, zaoferować cenę
to bid for political power
to make a bid for sth; Boris quickly announced his leadership bid, but was promptly stabbed in the back

7. effort

a vigorous or determined attempt.
attempt(próba, staranie), try
needing all our effort and attention
przykład ze słówkiem
the efforts of our government have ultimately been wrongly harnessed

Upstream Advance Module 1
26 - Kidnappings 2

8. test

[tɛst] test
test all circuits
to jest test

świat przyrody, nauka, technika
English test 2012

9. assay

A test performed on a sample of oeres or minerals to determinate its composition and measure

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