słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. remember

remember about your homework
remember doing
remember to do

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2. remembered

the old lady remembered what Steve Hunt had said

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3. bear in mind

Please bear in mind that these products are sold in our shops, to our citizens.
There are several points to bear in mind when writing your CV.
When a decorator plans and designs various spaces he / she needs to have a few basic principles to bear in mind.
When you buy something in that outlet, bear in mind that they cheat you on the prices.

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4. keep in mind

Here are some job interview tips you should keep in mind when meeting with a potential employer
Please keep in mind that there are very important activities now in train3, therefore the copy has to be done into TEST3.

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5. mind

mind your head!
przykład ze słówkiem
the company’s name slips my mind
łDo you mind?

verbs: thinking and feeling-28.10

6. recall

The lady said she knew me. Unfortunately I couldn't recall her name.
The product was faulty and it had to be recalled from the market.
The woman said she knew me but I couldn’t recall her face and had no idea who she was.
The woman said she knew me but I couldn’t recall her name.
bring back into one's mind