słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. open

operacja na otwartym sercu
plac targowy

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1000 niezbędnych słów po angielsku
unit 5 - człowiek
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2. outgoing

word list whirlpool
Sprawdzian 1 Ang.r
communication 1
angielski rozszerzony
describing yourserlf

3. extrovert

extroverted, opp. introvert
outgoing, sociable
someone who is active and confident, and who enjoys spending time with other people OPP introvert: Her sister was always more of an extrovert
someone who is very confident, lively and likes social situations

Człowiek, matura podstawowa
ANGIELSKI justyna zeszyt - fiszki part 1
Język zangielski

4. opened

We've met. Does this mean you've opened up the case?

Vocabulary II - Character and Personality
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5. receptive

I was happy to be speaking before such a receptive audience.
I'm receptive to your ideas.
She is very receptive to ideas and suggestions
The government is not receptive to the idea of a Freedom of Information Act.
Woman are continually receptive and have concealed ovulation - that is, there is no external sign that they are in a position to conceive