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po angielsku:

1. responsible

responsible job / Playful as a child, but responsible as an adult
solid person on which we can rely
the cabinet minister responsible for Education

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2. accountable

If anything goes wrong I will hold you personally accountable!
[adjective] - completely responsible for your actions
she is accountable to me-odpowiada przede mną she is not accountable for her acctions-nie odpowiada za swoje czyny
the government was held accountable for the food shortage
to be held accountable for

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3. liable

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4. reliable

e.g. She is the most reliable person in this office and we can always depend on her, so it's best to let her do this difficult assignment.
ri la je bol
the least reliable form of perception,
trustworthy, someone to rely on

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5. responsible for

What are you responcible for?
Who was responsible for all that noise last night?
You have to be responsible for your actions.
in charge of
to be fully responsible for sth

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6. amenable

I’m amenable to any suggestions you may have.
We always try to be amenable to the law.

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7. in charge

Roxane is in charge of IT.
They left the au pair in charge of the children for a week.
Who's in charge here? Who is the manager or supervisor?

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8. answerable

Remember that you are answerable for all your actions.
The representative remains answerable to us

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9. be responsible

Matura p. 11,12