słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. painting

The painting Guernica was painted in 1937.
The painting of the dining room took five hours.
Thieves stole a very precious painting from the museum.
This museum has a large collection of paintings.
What a beautifu lpainting.

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Unit 2 (Repetytorium)
Moduł 9 - Culture
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2. picture

[ˈpɪktʃə] p*ikcze
here I have some pictures
tłumaczenie przykładu ze słówkiem

dom angielski
Dom - słownictwo angielskie
słówka dział 2
Oxford Repetytorium Matura Podstawowa UNIT 11
CALLAN lesson 01, 02, 03

3. image

Thieves stole a very precious painting from the museum.
You should try to keep the image of the company which guarantee high quality.
company image
e.g. His public image is that of a very confident outgoing person but when you meet him in private, he is quite shy and sensitive.

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15.09.2016 dom
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4. royalty

He received royalties on his book.
I bet he earns a lot in royalties.
In the last half of 2013 royalties for all his novels were just £3,000.
Our country doesn’t have any royalty. There is no king or queen.

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5. picture of

preposition D-Z
Matura część 1
appendix L M N O P Q

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