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1. adventitious

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2. extraordinary

Kurs Angielskiego 1-573
res primae 1
Słówka part 1
potrzebne słówka
Unit 1, communication

3. unusual

Unit 2 (Repetytorium)
Starland 2 s. 116 pół unitu 3 i 4
Speakout Intermediate (from unit 6 to unit 10)
slowka z oxford
Podstawowe zwroty i frazy część 14

4. amazing

You can see the amazing result on this website.
You look amazing
Your holiday photos are amazing. What a beautiful place.
amazing emotions

In the spotlight
7 in the spotlight
miks 1 angielski
Zosia W. 14.08.2017
Module 1 - Teen World

5. remarkable

What's remarkable is that her brothers, in the same family, were totally fine.
You know, for a man of renowned prestihe and rank, your Lord Tresting has remarkably poor taste.
You must have remarkable eyes if you can see that far!
[adjective] - special or unusual and therefore surprising and worth attention
re mar ky bol

10. Breaking the rules
Immigration, immigrants
ENG - Bridget Jones 1 (61-90)
Lesson 33 - 05.02.2018
Smart Time 2

6. stunning

Unit3 House and home
Angielski Unit 3 wordlist

7. out of the ordinary

Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be going on.
One of the entries was out of the ordinary.
The design of that house is out of the ordinary.
To have a house on the moon would certainly be out of the ordinary.
e.g. To have a house on the moon would certainly be out of the ordinary.

FCE+CAE (Pierwszy rok, poprawione)
prepositional phrases
1 słówka angielskie

8. extremely

This was an extremely complex case
Which feautre is extremely important when you look for a new car?
extremely dangerous
pskrajnie, nadzwyczaj, wyjątkowo, niezwykle