słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

niepewny po angielsku:

1. diffident diffident

She was modest and diffident about her achievements.
for someone who makes a living performing for other people, the actress is remarkably diffident in real life
He was too diffident to express his opinion.
For those who are rather diffident about facing a public examination, there are helpful ‘proxy writers’ available

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2. uncertain

It's uncertain if he'll come.
I am uncertain as to whether I am the right person for the job.
an uncertain future
The father is always uncertain.
The weather is uncertain at this time of year.
He is wise who neither hopes nor fears anything from the uncertain future.
I was uncertain of my ability to do it.
Philosophy teaches us to feel uncertain about the things that seem to us self-evident. Propaganda, on the other hand, teaches us to accept as self-evident matters about which it would be reasonable to suspend our judgment or to feel doubt.
He took an uncertain stance.
We had uncertain weather last month.
1. [question word] She's uncertain whether to go to New Zealand or not. / He was uncertain about his brother's intentions.[+about] / They were uncertain of the total value of the transaction.[+of] /2. It's uncertain whether they will accept the plan.
She's uncertain whether to go to New Zealand or not. I'm uncertain about what to do next.
She was uncertain about how much money the trip would cost.
Their participation in the competition is uncertain.

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3. unreliable

I won’t ask Colin for help because he is unreliable.
Frankly speaking, he is an unreliable man.
he’s lazy and unreliable
That car's so unreliable it'll never make it to London.
Do not count on him, he’s unreliable.
Moran has proven himself to be extremely unreliable.
It shows what an unreliable person he is.
He is a bit unreliable. (don't do what they say they will do).
He's a dishonest unreliable man so don't trust him
Jane is renowned for being unreliable, so expect her to be late.
He's totally unreliable as a source of information.
Emily cannot be trusted. She often cancels things at the last minute or just doesn't turn up. She is unreliable.
It’s such an unreliable bus service – I never know what time I'll arrive at the office!
unreliable witness, evidence
Our experiment has revealed that his report was unreliable.

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4. faltering

He answered quietly, in a faltering voice.

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5. unsure

Unsure of which suitor she wanted to marry, the princess vacillated, saying now one, now the other.
If you’re unsure, ask the customer to spell their name.
He was unsure
Overwhelmed and unsure of myself.

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6. unsettled

They left the situation unsettled.
We shouldn't leave the matter unsettled.
He was very unsettled, very angry with life.
unsettled feelings
The constitutional question of whether a President could be impeached for offenses committed before he took office is unsettled, but, as Clinton’s case showed, civil proceedings contain risks whenever a President testifies under oath.
When the ship arrives in port it makes the people unsettled.
Americans appear unsettled and uncontrolled to Japanese.
Throughout the aftermath of the explosion, Jason's easiness unsettled the survivors.

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7. tentative

he eventually tried a few tentative steps round his hospital room
These recommendations are only tentative.
Keep in mind that this is a tentative application.
to sound tentative
Here is a tentative plan of what I want to do.
This time it was a tentative pull, not solid nor heavy.
If integrations are configured, the participants’ Microsoft Exchange Server calendar statuses are displayed including busy, out of the office, and tentative.
I'm taking the first tentative steps towards fitness.
The two companies have announced a tentative deal.
In the beginning of this game we were very tentative; Here is a tentative plan of what I want to do.
Her English is correct but tentative.
the first ever pupil knocked tentatively at the front door.
tentative truce
Attached is the tentative agenda.

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8. precarious

Her health remained precarious, despite the treatment. a precarious mountain trail
a precarious situation
People smoke to relax and forget their cares, but ironically, in terms of health risks, smoking is far more precarious than either mountain-climbing or skydiving.
The museum is in a financially precarious position.
The world is a precarious place.
Your position is precarious
The lorry was lodged in a very precarious way, with its front wheels hanging over the cliff.

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9. insecure

His short stature makes him feel insecure.
She's very insecure.
1. Isn't that a very insecure profession? / 2. I don't know why you're still so insecure.
you have nothing to be insecure about, Anna knows that I'm very insecure about my back, many of our staff are worried cause their jobs are insecure
Maybe if you'd put in some effort you wouldn't be so insecure.
Insecure people have little confidence and are uncertain about their own abilities or if other people really like them: He still feels insecure about his ability to do the job. [+ about] / How can you be so insecure?
He still feels insecure about his ability to do the job. [+ about] / How can you be so insecure? / Cellular phones are inherently insecure, as anyone can listen to and record conversations. / Isn't that a very insecure profession?
Being insecure makes you an easy target for mean people.
My daughter felt very insecure when she went to a new school.
Her ex-boyfriend was so insecure he’d check her emails every day.
But in fact he always seemed insecure underneath
Hannah isn’t a confident child, I think she’s insecure.
Eleanor was shy and insecure as a child.
He is insecure, he always worries about what people think of him.
I think she's insecure and probably very impressionable.

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10. unsteady

I observed that his hands were unsteady.
He was unsteady on his feet.
The ladder looks a bit unsteady.
unsteady geit, unsteady man, you look unsteady
The alcohol had made her unsteady on her feet
The gait of my friend was unsteady, and the bells upon his cap jingled as he strode.

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11. choppy

to get choppy
The boat danced on the choppy water.

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12. wobbly

All I did was run a little and now my knees are wobbly.
a wobbly leg; a wobbly tooth
In Dragoni's first big scene she was wobbly and her voice broke.
my legs feel wobbly

13. unsure of

I was unsure of the reaction I would get.

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