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po angielsku:

1. hate

She hated the cold dark days of winter.
We hate singing.
hate Mondays
inf & ing

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2. execrate

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3. detesting

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4. detest

I detest swimming.
She detested traveling in hot weather.
When he was at school he detested playing football
When he was finished with him, the renowned children's psychiatrist would be one of the most detest man in Sweden
to ​hate someone or something very much: I detest any ​kind of ​cruelty. [+ -ing verb] I detest having to get up when it's ​dark ​outside. her detested ​older ​brother

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5. loathe

Like it or loatheit, many see the class system as a quintessential element of British life,
She loathed him in a deep and very personal way.
You loathe democracy so much now that you actually call it populism.
\ˈlōth\ From an early ​age the ​brothers have loathed each other. I loathe doing ​housework.
loathe =to feel intense dislike, disgust, or hatred for; abhor; detest

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6. despise

Then you get nothing from him except aggravation. Heads or tails, but it's a bent coin, because on top of everything any institution despises its own policemen
Which living person do you most despise, and why?
Yea, they despised the pleasant land, They believed not his word,
gardzić, pogardzać

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