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1. incontinently

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2. immediately

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3. instantly

If you learn some basic phrases it instantly shows that you respect the culture and language.
She fell asleep almost instantly.
They instantly fall in love again and run off together.
he was killed instantly
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4. at once

We must go at once.
We must leave at once
When we arrive we need to start work straightaway.
go to your room at once!

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5. straight away

If an old school friend got in touch with you, do you think they would recognise you straight away? No, I don't think they would recognise me straight away.
It is extremely important to implement this plan immediately.
I’ll let you know straight away.
Start work straightaway.
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6. as soon as

Promise to call me as soon as you get to the airport.
The pupils scan their fingerprints as soon as they enter the church.
They would like us to leave as soon as possible.
as soon as they wake up They start playing
we\ll have dinner as soon as we get home

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7. promptly

They came promptly at 8 every morning and worked hard all day.
We should inform the Engineer promptly about any problems.
[adverb] - quickly, without delay or at the arranged time
he paid the fine promptly
“St. Brutus’s,” said Uncle Vernon promptly. “It’s a fi rst-rate institution for hopeless cases.”

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8. right away

Do it right away!
I need someone to help me right away.
I'll e-mail you this report right away
I'll e-mail you this report right away.
I'll go and ask him right away.

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9. instantaneously

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10. overnight

We're going to stay overnight there
[adverb] - for or during the night
for one night
overnight beauty tips / We stayed overnight in London after the theatre.
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11. at a moment's notice

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