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1. flat

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matura Masters Pre-intermediate, MACMILLAN
dom angielski
Dom Unit 2 Macmillan
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2. dwelling

When asked who owns the dwelling he occupied the defendant refused to answer.
[noun] - a place or house in which people live
dwelling = place of residence
e.g. Coober Pedy in Australia is a place where people have their dwellings in the ground.
slum dwelling

wheel of time
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An Essential A-Z of Business Law
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3. apartment

Our apartment is very spacious and cozy.
This apartment looks really nice.
This is a beautiful apartment.
a set of rooms on one floor of a building where someone lives
apartman dairesi

3000 słów angielskich (cz.2)
Mood food + Family life
unit 2 cz. 1
DOM i Miasto
ST2 2a, 2b, 2d

4. habitation

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5. abode

I can't afford to buy my own flat, but I'm thinking of taking out a loan.
The wintry abode of the White Walkers.
Welcome to my humble abode. a homeless person with no fixed abode (=no permanent home)
dotrzymywać, dotrzymać
the abode of the suspect remains unknown

CPE USE OF ENGLISH new version unit 1
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6. accommodation

The price of the trip doesn't include accommodation. It's the best accommodation we could get for this price.
The type of accommodation you choose depends on your budget and needs.
We need to arrange accommodation for our guests.
What kind of accommodation do you provide for your workers?
geçici koanklama yeri

IELTS - slowka
Let's go! unit 4
Academic word list: Group 9
Wyrazy związane ze szkołą - średnio trudne

7. quarters

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8. condo

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9. apartment flat

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