słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. ankle

John hurt his ankle when he fell down the step.
My ankle's gute swollen. I can hardly walk on it
The joint connecting the foot with the leg:
to twist your ankle

Matura Focus 3 Unit 6
parts of body
anatomia cz. 1
slowka z oxford
lektorat i busuu.com

2. die

The miller dies.
[dʌɪ] daj
state where the person ends life on earth

summer school
Formy nieregularne czasownika
Zeszyt1 - różne (p->a)
23 Communication 8

3. cube

Could you bring me some ice cubes for my drink?

IELTS - slowka
Moduł 11 Żywienie
Vocabulary X - Shapes

4. cobble

He cobbled together a meal from leftovers in the fridge.
watching Muscovite girls circumventing its cobbles in their Louboutin heels

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5. bar

counter in pub or livingroom
kontuar- blat w barze, kuchni
the opening bars of the song
to be called to the bar, be a member of the bar, smoking is barred according to this new article

angielski 28,29,30
Upstream intermediate unit 7-8

6. knuckle


sounds around us