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1. punishment

Wayne can expect punishment if he is late
What kind of punishment will a teacher give you for being late?
What kind of punishment will you get for being late?
a way in which someone is punished
capital punishment

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2. requital

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3. chastisement

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4. penalty

There's a £50 penalty for late cancellation of tickets.
[noun] - a punishment for doing something against a law
a punishment for doing something which is against a law or rule
penalty area
to impose a fine on sb

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5. punish

Mother punished her son for lying.
Teachers punish Wayne if he is late
What may happen if parents avoid punishing children who are badly behaved?
You should punish your son, he hit my daughter.

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6. retribution

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7. sentence

[ˈsɛnt(ə)ns] s*entens
a complete idea in writing, beginning with a capital letter and ending with a full sotp
to give a punishment to someone who has committed a crime
to pass a sentence

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