słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. waistcoat

All the waitresses were made to wear black waistcoats.
He pulled a handkerchief from his waistcoat pocket.
He was wearing a grey waistcoat under the jacket.
Jim always wears a waiscoat under the jacket.
The suit comes with a matching waistcoat.

Cold Little Hand
Angielski Kartkówka 1 Repetytorium
Macmillan repetytorium 2015 - 01 Człowiek
Dział 1- repetytorium maturalne
1.1 Appearance and personality (B2-C1)

2. vest

Pronunciation: /vɛst/
That vest looks great on you!
The president is vested the executive power.
The vest has divorced itself from the three-piece suit.
the sportsmen were wearing vests and shorts

Kurs w pracy
Kurs w pracy
przymiotniki, przyslowki, rodzina, rosliny, samoch...
ubrania, zawody
A39: December

3. waist coat

Food, cook, pets
clothes material

4. life jacket

Take this life jacket, in case of emergency.
The island beach was covered with lifejackets from the people who arrived on the boats.
They tell you how to put your life jacket on.
Why and when do we wear life jackets?
You must take life jacket when you go kayaking.

s. 180 angol
Traveller, B2, unit 1