słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. strange

przykład ze słówkiem: He is strange
tłumaczenie przykładu ze słówkiem he is strange

Najważniejsze słówka - 2000 Frekwencyjne
direct english 3
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matura Masters Pre-intermediate, MACMILLAN
Angielskie słówka

2. odd

Słówka 11-17.12
Angielski Kartkówka 1 Repetytorium
Macmillan repetytorium 2015 - 01 Człowiek
Paweł Marchewa

3. weird

Your sense of humour is uncanny.
[adjective] - very strange and unusual
a weird coincidence
this is a very weird idea
weird noise/film/man/sense of humour

SEW od początku
słówka 27.11-03.12
Dział 1- repetytorium maturalne
translate #9
Angielski R.1

4. bizarre

This man looks bizarre.
What's the most bizarre job?
[adjective] - strange and uncommon
[adjective] - very strange and unusual
a bizarre coincidence

Rozdziały 7 i 8
Unit 1 Człowiek Rozszerzenie
matura masters upper-intermediate unit 2

5. queer

"His mother is very queer, with witchy hair and mismatched shoes."
Who's that queer guy that came with Ann?

Eastern Promises
Soldier island
BBC Learning English 2
Koontz chapter 1 part 3

6. quirky

I like his quirky sense of humour.
I've never heard such sound, That's a really quirky type of music.
She is so quirky.
[adjective] - unusual, especially in an attractive and interesting way
quirk of fate

matura masters unit 11 12 słówka klasa 2

7. peculiar

What a peculiar smell!
[adjective] - odd, unusual, strange
strange or unusual, especially in a way that is unpleasant or worrying

to kill a mockingbird 2
harry potter

8. outlandish

Some people believe there are some aliens in the outer space.
[adjective] - very strange and unusual and difficult to like
outlandish glasses
“Donald Trump has made his outlandish policy of forcing Mexico to pay for his giant wall the centrepiece of his campaign,”