słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. purpose

the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee
the purpose of this meeting
to have a purpose in life
to try to determine the purpose of the country's nuclear programme.
what was his purpose in coming?

direct english 3
SpeakOut semestr I
Medical English EXAM part 6
moje 1000 slow

2. target

You need to hit the target with your arrow.
[noun] - a level or situation intended to be achieved
level or situation which you intend to achieve
lose on weight

English File Intermediate
english file intermediate 1
[14] VB: State
W&K Market Leader UNIT 1
lista słowek 3

3. objective

foreign policy objectives
measurable indicators
objective = is able to see different points of view
their objectives

EGZAMIN - słownictwo
Project Managment
Logistics part3
Angielski zawodowy logistyka part 1,2
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4. goal

aim or purpose
an ​aim or purpose]
e.g. His goal is to become a doctor.
we won by three goals to two

Kurs w pracy
kolokwium 1.
New Matura Succes - Unit 8
B2companion unit2
New matura success upper intermediate unit 2

5. aim

[noun] - something that you intend to achieve
for/at sth / to do sth / be aimed at doing sth. - Aimed at higher efficiency or income
our primary aim is to achieve financial discipline
the lists's aims are twofold
to aim true

IntermediatePlus 1-6
zakupy i usługi
część 5 poprawiona
Moje notatki
7. Zakupy i usługi cz.2

6. destination

When at last I reached my destination and found the building I was looking for, I went in and... the first person I met was my teacher of English!
You need to hit the target with your arrow.
[ˌdɛstɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n] destin*ejszyn
a popular holiday destination; to arrive at/reach your destination
cel podróży

IELTS - slowka
Słówka part 1
JON 14 100 - 101
Podróżowanie i turystyka1
kartkówka 1b

7. purpose of

Angielski unit 4
English for HR
semestr 2 -1

8. object

What's that strange object?
What’s that strange object?
When you enter a dark room, do you immediately see all the objects clearly?
[ˈɒbdʒɪkt] *obdżekt

zaliczenie nr 2

9. aim of

speakout upper intermediate 1-5

10. aiming

If you're aiming for spoken English then you have to do lots of output practice.

The Paperboy

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