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po angielsku:

1. lack

lack of experience
lack of understanding
the case was dismissed for lack of evidence
we often lack
what is lacking in here?

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2. lack of

preposition D-Z
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3. failure

an economic policy that is doomed to failure
big problem
business failure
proved the failure?
when someone or something does not succeed; someone or something that does not succeed; when something does not work, or stops working as well as it should

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4. shortage of

Some countries are experiencing a shortage of clean water.

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5. Shortage

Unfortunately, this situation is typical of Poland where many families have to live together of the shortage of flats.

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6. lacking

I couldn't believe it that we bought a motor with some parts wanting
She seems to be totally lacking in common sense.
The word you are lacking in your crossword puzzle is migraine.

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A lot has happened in my absence

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8. dearth

There is a dearth of money in my bank account.
There is no dearth of meditation techniques on the market today.
There was a dearth of reliable information on the subject.
There's a dearth of vacancies in the job market.

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9. want

have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for

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10. failure to

bec work at home

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