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1. survey

examination of opinions, behaviour, etc., made by asking people questions
the author provides a survey of the relevant literature
the author provides a survey of the relevant literature / Jej zielone oczy badanych go chłodno
to condact a survery
to survey

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2. examination

The examination of the facts will take some time.
The examination was really hard
When the examination had been completed, the doctor announced that he was completely cured. The book is an interesting examination of the lies which make up the world of politics. The detectives carried out a careful examination of the murder scene.
examination of appeal, of evidence
on examination the document proved to be genuine

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3. scrutiny

Their activities have come under police scrutiny.
Theresa May is clearly running scared from parliamentary scrutiny of her Brexit negotiations.
Will the ​candidates ​stand up under all that scrutiny
must remain under strict public scrutiny
survey results hidden from scrutiny

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4. research

to do / carry out / to conduct research
to do / conduct research ON sth
to do research...(risercz)
to do/conduct/undertake research ON sth
to research into sth

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5. exploration

General exploration means more than just looking for what we want.
The exploration of space is the ultimate goal of NASA.

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6. study

devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on (an academic subject), especially by means of books

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7. investigation

We have to carry out an investigation.

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8. screening

Screening for breast cancer should be done on all women over 35 years old.
The film was the screening of a novel written by Winston Groom.
The government is planning to launch a program of screening for lung cancer.
There will be three screenings of the ​film
examining someone or something to discover if there is anything wrong with them/it

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Food Processing

9. medical examination

A medical examination is necessary for all applicants.

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