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1. pleader

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2. advocate

The doctor advocated a smoking ban in the entire house.
The president himself jogs every morning, plays tennis and golf, and is a leading advocate of fitness.
While the senator privately approved of gay marriage, he was unwilling to advocate for the cause in a public venue.
person who supports an idea (or product)

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3. counsel

He has always been able to count on her wise counsel.
I would counsel you not to sign the contract in its present state.
Listen to the counsel of your elders.
You should have listened to your mother's counsel. The lawyer counselled me when I was accused of tax fraud.
a lawyer, someone who speaks for someone in court

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4. attorney

I've got his power of attorney.
We need to find a good attorney to win this case. My attorney advised me not to say anything until he comes.
Your attorney will help you win this case, Henry has named me his attorney
defense attorney
his attorney would have poked so many holes in our case

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5. solicitor

radca prawny

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6. barrister

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7. lawyer

We've hired a very good lawyer, we've got to win this case!
You should ask your lawyer for advice; she’ll tell you what the law says about your problem.
You will need a good lawyer.

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8. defence attorney

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